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  • 2H版蝙蝠侠

    H版蝙蝠侠7.0H版蝙蝠侠年代:2010地区:美国导演:John,Bacchus主演:Darian,Caine,,Jackie,Stevens,,John,Paul,Fedele,,Kerri,Taylor,,Molly,Heartbreaker,,Robert,Mandara,,Sativa,Verte简介:Bacchum City is being plagued by the maniacal Jerker who sets in motion a plan to steal all of the pornography in the land. He keeps it locked away in his phallically styled helicopter, waiting for the townsfolk to become consumed in sexual anxiety. But Wendy Wane, a strip club mogul by day, slips into her seductive alter ego Batbabe at night to combat the evils of The Jerker and his clown henchmen. Aided by hopelessly incompetent Commissioner Boredom and sexy lesbian District Attorney Henrietta Bent, Batbabe must summon the courage to continue promoting her standard random ten-minute promiscuities and corner The Jerker before he forces her to permanently retire. 巴克姆城正被一个疯狂的混蛋所困扰,他发起了一个计划,要在这片土地上偷走所有的色情作品。他把它锁在他那架风格独特的直升飞机里,等待镇上的人在性焦虑中消耗殆尽。但是温迪·韦恩,一个白天脱衣舞俱乐部的大亨,在晚上偷偷溜进了她迷人的另一个自我蝙蝠侠,与这个混蛋和他的小丑追随者的邪恶作斗争。在无可救药的无能专员无聊和性感的女同性恋地区检察官亨丽埃塔本特的帮助下,Batbebe必须鼓起勇气继续推广她标准的10分钟随机性滥交,并在他强迫她永久退休前,将这个混蛋逼入绝境。

  • 3黑暗的幻想

    黑暗的幻想5.0黑暗的幻想年代:2010地区:美国导演:Jay,Robie主演:Isabella,Sky,,Melissa,Jacobs,,Reena,Sky,,Rocco,Reed,,Steve,Crest简介:Broke College students take part in a paid sleep-induced study where their dark sexual fantasies are realized. But when the professor joined the scenarios, it turns into nightmare.身无分文的大学生参加了一项有报酬的睡眠诱导研究,在这项研究中,他们黑暗的性幻想得以实现。但当教授加入这些场景时,它就变成了噩梦。

  • 4合金魔灵

    合金魔灵9.0合金魔灵年代:2010地区:美国导演:Jim,Wynorski主演:Beverly,Lynne,,Brandin,Rackley,,Christine,Nguyen简介:I've said this before - Wynorski's softcores are extremely hit or miss. Sometimes it feels like he phones it in and the cast is severely lacking, like in Cleavagefield, but sometimes he really hits a homerun. This is one of those homeruns.

    Devil Wears Nada is a great parody effort. It stays close to the source material while simultaneously sexing it up a few notches, and adds comedy in where appropriate.

    From the opening scene it was obvious this was going to be a Wynorski success. It looked great with the special effects, and the humorous ending of the scene was great too.

    I normally like Beverly Lynne but wasn't a huge fan of her in this role. Brandin Rackley was great with her British accent, but Christine Nguyen stole the show as far as the female talent goes. A large variety of generic babes in lesbian scenes, varying in attractiveness from downright busted looking to quite hot, rounded out the cast, but most of these women did not have significant roles.

    As is typical in softcores which pair up Frankie Cullen and Christine Nguyen, I thought their scene was the best. They have some of the best chemistry I've seen in any softcore match ups.

  • 5来自另一个世界的主妇

    来自另一个世界的主妇8.0来自另一个世界的主妇年代:2010地区:美国导演:Fred,Olen,Ray主演:Heather,Vandeven,Christine,Nguyen,Rebecca,Love,Frankie,Cullen简介:男主竟然全程演技在线,这配乐一加, 明显比岛国AV高了N个档次。 事实证明如此完美,还这么主动的家庭主妇只可能是外星人。 不过让我困惑的是:为什么外星力量入侵了人类大脑后就要做爱呢?难道人类文明唯独吸引外星生物的就是性吗Max is working on a secret space satellite. After a disagreement with her husband Max, Karen storms out of their house. She finds a meteorite near to the house, and is immediately possessed once she picks it up by an alien life form, sent back in time to earth to stop Max's satellite project. With this meteorite Karen makes two necklaces which she gives to her neighbors Rita and Carla (also part of Max's project). No one suspects Carla of being a spy together with her husband Tom. However, because of Karen's necklaces, Rita and Carla are now both also possessed by two other alien entities. 

  • 6比基尼琼斯和厄洛斯的神庙

    比基尼琼斯和厄洛斯的神庙10.0比基尼琼斯和厄洛斯的神庙年代:2010地区:美国导演:Fred,Olen,Ray主演:Billy,Chappell,,Brynn,Tyler,,Christine,Nguyen,,Frankie,Cullen,,Heather,Vandeven,,Rebecca,Love,,Ted,Newsom简介:女女动作非常明显,男女长相都不错,男女之间和3P动作夸张,但肯定没有进去,不过在外边肯定是会有相互的摩擦,不知道男士在那个情况下,是不是提前发射过后才拍,不然按照外国男人那个长度,这么逼真的动作,在拍摄过程中肯定会那面擦枪走火。Dr. Bikini Jones is on the hunt for the lost Temple of Eros. Using a golden idol as her guide, she searches the wild land of Moronica.

  • 7比基尼特工2

    比基尼特工210.0比基尼特工2年代:2010地区:美国导演:Fred,Olen,Ray主演:Beverly,Lynne,,Brandin,Rackley,,Jayden,Cole简介:When an enemy spy ring is discovered to be operating out of a Madame Zola's House of Tarts, Tanya X must go uncover to infiltrate to the gang using her sensuous and secretive talents.当发现一个敌方间谍团伙在佐拉夫人的塔茨家族外活动时,坦尼娅X必须去揭发,利用她敏感而神秘的才能潜入团伙。

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  • 9莫阿娜

    莫阿娜2.0莫阿娜年代:2009地区:其它导演:Alfredo,Peyretti主演:Claudio,Angelini,...,,Nonno,Ugo,(1,episode,,2009),Francesco,Borchi,...,,Bruno,(1,episode,,2009),Nanni,Candelari,...,,Medico,(1,episode,,2009),Ivano,De,Matteo,...,,Regista,Valentina,(1,episode,,2009)简介:Mini-series about the life and death of Italian adult movie star Moana Pozzi.





    Release Date:

     November 2009 (Italy) See more »

    Filming Locations:

     Rome, Lazio, Italy

  • 10奴隶猎人2

    奴隶猎人28.0奴隶猎人2年代:2009地区:其它导演:Lloyd,A.,Simandl主演:简介:Our new Slave Huntress is on the prowl and has 2 beautiful teen sisters locked firmly in her sights. She cunningly tracks them, captures them and prepares them to later sell them. As pony-girls and lesbian slaves they learn complete sexual obedience to their Mistress whose domination controls their every waking moment. They are seduced as a reward by reveling in her sapphic skills of pleasuring and punished by her whipping if failing to meet her exacting standards. The Slave Huntress enjoys most the challenge of turning straight women into her lesbian play-toys. Their desire to escape is made greater each day. 我们的新女奴隶猎人正在徘徊,有两个美丽的少女姐妹牢牢地锁定在她的视线。她狡猾地跟踪他们,抓住他们,并准备以后出售他们。作为小马女郎和女同性恋奴隶,她们学会了对情妇的完全性顺从,情妇的支配控制着她们醒着的每一刻。他们被诱惑作为一种奖赏,因为他们陶醉于她低俗的享乐技巧,如果达不到她严格的标准,就会被鞭打惩罚。奴隶猎人最喜欢的挑战是把异性恋女性变成她的女同性恋玩具。他们逃避的欲望与日俱增。

  • 11性欲传奇

    性欲传奇9.0性欲传奇年代:2009地区:法国导演:Jack,Tyler,,Ovidie主演:Lou,Charmelle,,Nomi,,Sebastian,Barrio简介: More targeted approaches are needed to fight the increasing threat of HIV/AIDS among Chinese students aged 15 to 24, a senior health official said
    ...sexy stories about nude girls and boys, naked women and men
    Chinese sex slavery victims recount painful wartime torture ...TOP STORIESVideo: Abe's misadventure in constitution 

  • 12性感的精神

    性感的精神5.0性感的精神年代:2010地区:美国导演:Issac,Dovidad主演:Ann,Marie,Rios,,Beverly,Lynne,,Brandon,Ruckdashel,,Cody,Klink,,Jarod,Diamond,,Jennifer,Sparks简介:A sexy spirit that haunts a bed and breakfast possesses the guests.

  • 13一脸嫌弃表情的妹子给你看胖次第二季

    一脸嫌弃表情的妹子给你看胖次第二季9.0一脸嫌弃表情的妹子给你看胖次第二季年代:2019地区:日本导演:深瀬沙哉主演:简介:一脸嫌弃表情的妹子给你看胖次 第二季

  • 14寄售3

    寄售38.0寄售3年代:2012地区:美国导演:Daniela,Kay主演:Katerina,Novotná,,Marie,Veckova,,Nikita,Valentin简介:A beautiful blonde girl (Michaela Fichtnerova) is kidnapped and held prisoner in a Madams castle. The Madam (Katerina Novotna) assigns her maid (Marie Veckova) to train and groom the girl ..

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  • 16马德里1987


  • 17欲望Desire

    欲望Desire1.0欲望Desire年代:2011地区:法国导演:Laurent,Bouhnik主演:Brice,Fournier,,Déborah,Révy,,Gowan,Didi,,Hélène,Zimmer,,Jean-François,Gallotte,,Johan,Libéreau,,Johnny,Amaro简介:Lucia and Ophelia would never have been friends, but they were sisters. It's Lucia's wedding day. She will marry Juan, her partner for four years. Carmen, the optimistic and denying mother, decides to invite her other daughter Ophelia to the wedding of her first-born, wanting to put an end to the rivalry between the sisters who have not seen each other for seven years. Ofelia a...

  • 18笼困

    笼困9.0笼困年代:2011地区:美国导演:Stephan,Brenninkmeijer主演:Chantal,Demming,Babette,Holtmann简介:After years of suppressing her desires, Stella finds she can no longer ignore her deep-rooted longings. Breaking out of her cage and starting a secret double-life, Stella transforms into a "unicorn," a nickname for single women who indulge in a hedonistic lifestyle, visiting sex clubs and erotic parties, and flourishing with all the new attention. Even as her husband uncovers his Stella's secret life, he can't do much more than give her the freedom that she obviously needs, in the hope it's all just a phase. Then one day she finds herself lying unconscious in a basement cell, with no idea how she arrived there. Days go by when an other woman is brought into her cell. Christine, a woman about the same age. In the following days they reveal their life stories to one other. Christine is convinced that the reason for their captivity lies in Stella's lifestyle.在压抑了多年的欲望之后,斯特拉发现她再也不能忽视自己根深蒂固的渴望了。从笼子里出来,开始了秘密的双重生活,斯特拉变成了一只“独角兽”,这是一个单身女性的昵称,她们沉溺于享乐的生活方式,去性俱乐部和色情派对,在所有新的关注下欣欣向荣。即使她丈夫揭露了他斯特拉的秘密生活,他也只能给她明显需要的自由,希望这只是一个阶段。后来有一天,她发现自己躺在地下室的牢房里不省人事,根本不知道自己是怎么到那儿的。其他女人被带进牢房的日子一天天过去了。克莉丝汀,一个和她差不多大的女人。在接下来的日子里,他们互相讲述自己的人生故事。克莉丝汀确信他们被囚禁的原因在于斯特拉的生活方式。

  • 19我的美好欲望

    我的美好欲望10.0我的美好欲望年代:2011地区:美国导演:Jose,Montesinos主演:Jeneta,St.,Clair,Melissa,Johnston,Melissa,Johnston简介:Sue, Cheryl and Lexi are best friends. They do something special every year for their birthday as they were all born on the same day. Now their 18th birthday, they set out to lose their virginity.

    This movie should be shown in all film classes. Director Jose Montesinos does a phenomenal job bringing the best out of the actors. Jeneta St. Clair puts in an Oscar worthy performance by portraying the troubles that the average American teenage woman has to deal with. Naomi L. Selfman wrote a script that is unrivaled. The basic story lines used in everyday stories are completely thrown away to create something new, and something better. Ignoring the conventional way telling a story, Naomi tells writes the screenplay in a much more accurate way, and therefore it is easier for the audience to relate to the characters. The post-production of the film is possibly the best I've ever scene. It has a soundtrack that rivals the Breakfast Club, and flawless editing. The flow of the movie keeps constantly entertained. This is the best movie I have seen in years, and plan on watching it many more times in the following weeks.

  • 20睡美人

    睡美人7.0睡美人年代:2011地区:其它导演:茱莉亚·李主演:艾米莉·布朗宁,迈克尔·多曼,米拉·福尔克斯,瑞切尔·布莱克,彼得·卡罗尔简介:影片剧本由自澳大利亚小说家茱莉亚·丽(Julia Leigh)创作,同时这也是她的导演处女作 这部作品入围了第64届戛纳电影节的主竞赛单元,但最终未能如愿以偿的获得些许殊荣。 影片讲述了一个发生在现代女大学生身上的童话故事。露西(艾米莉·布朗宁 Emily Browning 饰)白天是一个单纯的女大学生,而到了晚上她则有另外一个身份——“睡美人”。这份特殊的工作让她在一个陌生的房间内沉沉睡去,醒来后则完全记不得任何事情,仿佛一切都未发生。在梦中她身处一个充满奇幻色彩的隐秘世界,那里美丽,同时充满着欲望。露西深陷迷惘之中,对每一晚发生的离奇经历逐渐产生疑问,她急切想知道,在她沉睡的时候到底发生过什么,她将如何找回自己……