简介:Award-winning crime writer Ann Cleeves' bestselling detective series returns for a fifth season as DI Jimmy Perez faces a compelling new single mystery. A human hand washes up on a Shetland beach. A few hours later, more body parts are discovered in a hold-all that has been dumped at sea. The victim is identified as a young Nigerian man, spotted in Lerwick a few days before. What was he doing on the islands? In investigating his murder, DI Perez becomes involved in the search for a vulnerable young woman, leading him to uncover a complex network of human trafficking across Scotland’s remote rural communities.




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  • 1无限恩典有限公司

    无限恩典有限公司7.0无限恩典有限公司年代:2019地区:美国导演:主演:本·金斯利简介:本·金斯利将主演Epix新剧《Our Lady, LTD》,共10集,史蒂夫·康拉德(《爱国者》《奇迹男孩》)打造,今秋开拍,明年播出讲述一个年轻骗子詹姆斯尝试找牧师Byron Brown(金斯利)下手,却发现后者远比自己想象中要更危险。康拉德和《爱国者》的搭档Bruce Terris编写剧本并担任运作人、执行制片人,康拉德执导其中6集。

  • 2比彻姆大宅

    比彻姆大宅5.0比彻姆大宅年代:0地区:导演:顾伦德·查达哈主演:汤姆·巴特曼简介:Set on the cusp of the 19th century in Delhi before the British ruled in that region, the drama depicts the fortunes of the residents of Beecham House, an imposing mansion surrounded by acres of exotic woods and pristine lawns. Tom Bateman (Vanity Fair, Jekyll and Hyde) takes the role of enigmatic, soulful John Beecham, a handsome former soldier who has purchased the magnificent mansion, Beecham House, to begin a new life with his family. Wealthy and distinguished, John has witnessed profiteering and exploitation during his time with the controlling East India Company and has resolved to conduct his business as a trader in a more equitable manner. Determined to escape his previous life, John appears haunted by his past, but is inspired to become an honourable member of the region’s trading community. In spite of John’s good intentions his life is shrouded in mystery and when he arrives at the house with an ‘olive-skinned‘ child named August and two Indian nursemaids, Chanchal (Shriya Pilgaonkar) and Maya (Trupti Khamkar), it causes speculation and gossip amongst the servants that he may be the boy’s father. One of the Indian nursemaids, the beautiful Chanchal, is overly protective and particularly fond of the child. Could she be John’s lover and the mother of August? Lesley Nicol (Downton Abbey) is John’s robust, interfering mother Henrietta who has travelled from England to India to stay with her son. She is accompanied by a young family friend Violet, played by Bessie Carter (Les Miserables) who she is determined to help form a union with John. The pair are accompanied by an old friend of John’s, Samuel Parker, played by Marc Warren (Safe, Hustle) who has also left the East India Company and has returned to India for a fresh start. Samuel helps John to find his brother Daniel who he has not seen for 10 years. John convinces Daniel, Leo Suter, (Victoria) to leave the East India Company and join him at Beecham House. Gregory Fitoussi (Mr Selfridge, Spiral) plays General Castillon, a French mercenary working for the Emperor at a time when the French are challenging the East India Company for India. Castillon is suspicious of John and his motives and conspires to stop John being granted a trading licence. Adil Ray (Citizen Khan, Ackley Bridge) is John’s neighbour Murad Beg who dislikes General Castillon intensely and agrees to help John secure a trading licence. Murad’s daughter, Roshanara, (Kanika Kapur) has an English governess Margaret Osborne, played by Dakota Blue Richards (Endeavour) whose beauty and intelligence catches John’s attention. However, when beautiful Chandrika (Pallavi Sharda) arrives at Beecham House with her entourage she is shown to luxurious guest quarters and immediately insists on seeing August. What secrets does Chandrika bring with her to Beecham House?

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  • 4园丁女侦探

    园丁女侦探6.0园丁女侦探年代:2003地区:英国导演:Brian,Farnham主演:费莉西蒂·肯德尔,帕姆·费里斯简介:The hit British series that combines glorious gardens with classic whodunits Stunning gardens provide the backdrop for this hit British mystery series starring Felicity Kendal (Good Neighbors, The Camomile Lawn) as Rosemary Boxer and Pam Ferris (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Matilda) as Laura Thyme, professional gardeners and amateur sleuths. From their former careers as a university plant biologist and a police officer, Rosemary and Laura bring unique investigative talents to their horticultural and human mysteries. Locations featured in the series include manor houses in the English countryside; London's Kew Gardens and Regent's Park; the French Riviera and Italy's Ligurian coast; a Surrey vineyard and the hills of Málaga, Spain. Guest stars include Anthony Andrews, Oliver Ford Davies, Phyllida Law, Julian Wadham, Margaret Tyzack and Michael Maloney. Great fun for mystery fans and green thumbs alike! As seen on public television. DVD SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDE an interview with Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris, production notes, location notes, photo galleries, cast filmographies, and a trivia quiz.

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  • 6好女巫第五季


  • 7军法

    军法7.0军法年代:2019地区:美国导演:马克·韦布主演:菲莉帕·苏,安娜·伍德,奥托·艾森度,Raffi,Barsoumian,卢克·米切尔,达娜·德拉尼简介:Craig Sweeny及Craig Turk主创兼执笔﹑Marc Webb执导的《军法》讲述在军队里一群人得接受最严格的考验,因为除了受训成为海军陆战队外,他们同时也得在军事法庭里受训当检察官﹑辩护律师﹑调查员原本在试映集的Dave Annable及Mira Sorvino被换角,Luke Mitchell将代替Dave Annable饰演上尉John “Abe” Abraham,John是在匡提科军法署总部的检察官,对他本人来说,成为 海军陆战队是家族传统,给予奉献及热情是参军的责任。Dana Delany被选上代替Mira Sorvino,她会饰演Eisa Turnbull上校,军法署的指挥主管,身为海军陆战队最高军阶女性之一的她,会要求下属及自己拿出卓越的表现。另外,她有两名在海外服役中的儿子。其他主演包括Anna Wood﹑Ato Essandoh﹑Phillipa Soo及Raffi Barsoumian。

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  • 9美眉校探

    美眉校探2.0美眉校探年代:2019地区:美国导演:主演:克里斯汀·贝尔,杰森·多灵,弗朗西斯·卡普拉,珀西·达格斯三世,J·K·西蒙斯,大卫·斯塔齐克,柯尔比·豪威尔-巴普蒂斯特,马克思·格林菲尔德,帕顿·奥斯瓦尔特,恩里克·克兰东尼简介:克里斯汀·贝尔主演的剧集《美眉校探》将拍新版,由Hulu出品,共8集,贝尔回归饰演女主Veronica Mars,其他主创也有望回归《美眉校探》2004-2007年播出了3季,2014年推出同名电影,讲述高中/大学女生Veronica扮作私家侦探调查小镇上发生的各种离奇案件。

  • 10节上生枝

    节上生枝6.0节上生枝年代:2019地区:美国导演:主演:蕾克·贝尔,戴克斯·夏普德,小艾德·博格里,帕姆·格里尔简介:《杰茜驾到 New Girl》主创Elizabeth Meriwether过去为FOX开发新单镜头喜剧《节上生枝 Bless This Mess》,不过在FOX把制片公司转卖给ABC的情况下,现变成由ABC直接以6集预订此剧,并确定在美国时间4月16日首播该喜剧由E lizabeth Meriwether及Lake Bell执笔,讲述一对新婚夫妇(Lake Bell及Dax Shepard饰演)放弃了他们纽约市的生活,本着过简单生活的想法搬到内布拉斯加州,然而计划却没如他们想的顺利。其他演员包括Ed Begley Jr.﹑Pam Grier﹑JT Neal及Madison Curry。

  • 11离婚第三季


  • 12纸钞屋第三季


  • 13大群第三季


  • 14天佑吾王

    天佑吾王3.0天佑吾王年代:2018地区:美国导演:Luciano,Sabino,Fabrício,Mamberti,Bernado,Sá主演:杰克·贝哈凯罗,玛丽娜·辉·巴尔博萨,凯欧·布拉特,Leandro,Daniel简介:本剧讲述了中世纪蒙特摩尔王国和阿尔泰纳王国多年来两国之间和睦相处,并达成水源供应协议。阿尔泰纳王国水源丰富,而蒙特摩尔王国水源匮乏。蒙特摩尔王国以矿产资源作为交换。这项协议在蒙特摩尔国女王过世时终结,并且撼动了两国之间的和平。阿方索(罗穆卢·埃斯特雷拉 Rômulo Estrela饰)是蒙特摩尔国王储,孩童时代就被立为王位继承人,他为人正直受人尊敬。相反他的弟弟鲁道夫(约翰尼·马萨罗 Johnny Massaro饰)没有责任心并且无所事事,喜欢同侍女厮混。阿方索在一次寻找水源过程中被一伙强盗偷袭,受了重伤,被阿尔泰纳国一个平民女孩阿玛莉亚(玛丽娜·辉·巴尔博萨 Marina Ruy Barbosa饰)相救,阿方索爱上了她,并放弃了自己的王位,让给了自己的弟弟,两国之间的关系更是岌岌可危了。阿尔泰纳国的公主卡塔丽娜(布鲁娜·马尔科辛 Bruna Marquezine饰),天性娇惯且充满野心,她看到了入侵蒙特摩尔国的大好时机,并且同盟友密谋领土扩张计划。

  • 15苦甜曼哈顿第二季


  • 16神秘法医第二季


  • 17情理法的春天第四季


  • 18暗网第一季

    暗网第一季6.0暗网第一季年代:2019地区:美国导演:主演:Brian,Elerding,,迈克尔·纳德利,拉娜·麦基萨克简介:A horror anthology series that explores the dangers of a totally connected world.

  • 19大小谎言第二季

    大小谎言第二季10.0大小谎言第二季年代:2019地区:美国导演:安德里亚·阿诺德主演:瑞茜·威瑟斯彭,妮可·基德曼,梅丽尔·斯特里普,谢琳·伍德蕾,佐伊·克罗维兹,劳拉·邓恩,亚当·斯科特,伊恩·阿米蒂奇,凯瑟琳·纽顿,罗宾·薇格特,凯伦,科尔曼,梅林·邓盖,詹姆士·塔珀,道格拉斯·史密斯,达比·坎普,杰弗里·诺灵,凯蒂·菲德斯通,科洛·科尔曼,莫·麦克雷,拉里·苏利文,卡梅伦·克罗维蒂,艾薇·乔治,尼古拉斯·克罗维蒂,克里斯·阿奎里诺,霍梅洛·洛佩兹,亚历山大·斯卡斯加德简介:今年斩获8项艾美奖的大热美剧《大小谎言》正式续订第二季,妮可·基德曼、瑞希·威瑟斯彭确认回归主演并担任执行制片,David E. Kelley也将继续担任创作人和编剧,同样是7集谢琳·伍德蕾、劳拉·邓恩、佐伊·克拉韦茨、亚当·斯科特等主演也有望回归,让-马克·瓦雷不再担任导演,奥斯卡得主安德里亚·阿诺德(《美国甜心》《鱼缸》)接手执导。 第二季将会更加深入挖掘这些角色的故事,探索恶意的谎言、友谊的持久性、婚姻的脆弱性以及恶毒残暴的家庭教育。关系会被磨损,忠诚会被侵蚀,情感与身体上的伤害也将现形。

  • 20波尔达克第五季